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Mobiles are kinetic sculptures developed in 1932 by Alexander Calder, an American sculptor who decided he wanted to sculpt space rather than form.

Mobiles are playful, interactive art forms that add a touch of magic in spaces such as cathedral ceilings, stair wells, atriums, porches and gardens. They inspire fresh ideas through the interplay of color, form and movement, reminding us of the need for balance and flow as they turn gracefully whenever they are set in motion by air currents or touch.

My mobiles are made of driftwood and other natural materials: shell, glass, fish bones, seeds and nuts - materials I collect along the shore of the beautiful lake I live on in the Arkansas Ozarks. Some mobiles feature glass prisms that bend light into rainbows, or bells and chimes that create a relaxing, musical effect. Driftwood itself is nature's own art, created by the synergy as water, wind and time.

On this website you will find photos of mobiles I currently have available for immediate shipping.

I also design mobiles of all sizes for all kinds of spaces. Prices range from $50 and up. Contact me for more information:

I always have driftwood on hand, which I offer to others for their artistic projects. Photos of some pieces I have available can be viewed at this website, or on my Ebay auctions. If you don't see what you're looking for here, contact me with a description of what you're looking for and I'll try to help you find it.