Worthy Links

The School of Metaphysics headquartered in Windyville, Missouri, teaches people how to develop their potential as whole, functioning Selves through a Mastery of Consciousness course, intuitive readings, a dream school, books and much more. Visit their website to see photographs, read about the courses they offer and the locations of the 17 satellite schools in the Midwest.

Nestled in the heart of the Arkansas Ozarks, the Circle of Light is home to Doug and Yael Powell and Shanna Mac Lean, who daily work to bring out to the world the Messages form God that Yael channels. At the heart of the messages from God is a special dispensation that allows real, unconditional love to manifest in every person's life. This occurs when we open our hearts and are able to see our SoulMate or Twin Flame. This energy of our SoulMate has always been in our lives but because our heart was closed, we were unable to see it. Once reunited and living fully in the joyful experience of love and awakening, the SoulMate couple radiates love outward that lifts up the world and helps open the hearts of others. Beyond the SoulMate dispensation, the messages go on to guide the awakened lightworkers on their path to living the Christ consciousness. Learn about their books, messages and Tuesday night meditations on their website.

Orin and DaBen, Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer welcome you to their official website. Learn to awaken your light body and chakras; to channel; to create abundance; to live your life purpose; learn mystery school teachings, meet your soul, improve your relationships, transform your personality, and much more as you work with their tapes and books. Orin and DaBen are two non-physical guides brought to you through Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Features the teachings of Alice Bailey.