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In August 2001, I wandered into a store that sold beaded jewelry at the Denver Airport, and knew I was going to work with beads. Although I had been a writer most of my life and had never made jewelry, I was unexplainably drawn to work with the color, shape, and texture of different beads. My first efforts were purely for my own enjoyment, but as I followed my bliss, I saw other possibilities. I found that wearing the pieces I made had an effect on my mood and energy. I began to study how crystals, gemstones and other natural materials create a vibration just as different colors evoke different moods and affect different parts of the body. I also learned about animal fetishes, which the Native Americans believed to bring good luck, success, healing, protection and magical powers. I found I resonated with some energies more than others, depending on what was happening in my life.

After experimenting for some time with the energy of these designs, I realized they could help others as well as myself. That is why I am now offering you these designs, which are the products of my intuition, inspiration and imagination.

My jewelry assists the wearer in several ways. First, I make jewelry in a meditative state of mind and with the intent to create pieces that uplift, inspire and assist the wearer in their journey on this earth. I work with reiki and LuminEssence Light Body energies. Each piece of jewelry I make is infused with these energies.

Second, each piece carries the energies of the natural materials it contains. I work with earth energies - wood, shell, bone, Native American fetishes, semiprecious stones and Czech glass. Combinations of these materials create a subtle synthesis of healing energies designed to evoke feelings of balance and well-being.

It is long believed that the vibration and biochemical properties of stones impact the human energy system on every level. When worn with general intent, the stone's vibrational qualities work within their full range. However, the stone may also be "programmed" or given a specific focus within its range of capabilities. The vibration and energy of colors affects us as well. Each major color has particular qualities that are linked to the chakra or subtle energy center with which it resonates.

The third way these pieces work is as a positive affirmation of your own focused intent. There is no limit to what you can create with prayer and focused intent. It's possible to program your thoughts and focus energy to heal yourself, to forge heart connections with others, to receive divine guidance, increase your awareness and prosperity, and to create art, poetry, writing, or anything else.

The vibrational and biochemical properties of the materials in these pieces combined with the healing, uplifting energies serve to enhance your own focused intent and goals. Wearing the piece is a form of affirmation and a touchstone to remind you throughout your day of your goal and intent, assisting you in making the changes you desire.

Photos of new creations are immediately uploaded to the jewelry slideshow. My necklaces, bracelets, anklets, eyeglass leashes, and earrings are offered in several lines including Ozarks Leaves, EarthSongs, Healing Earth medicine necklaces and Ozark Primitives.

Ozark Leaves are unique designs made of high-quality Czech glass. The luminous leaves evoke images of changing seasons: autumn gold, brown and amber: all shades of summer green: and for a wintry effect, ice blue and cool violet. Symbolically, leaves are an allegory for happiness. They remind us of the impermanence of the seasons and of life itself.

EarthSongs are exotic, "tribal" designs created from batik bone and shell pendants and a mix of natural materials - bone, wood, shell, horn, and Czech glass. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Healing Earth medicine necklaces utilize a synergy of color and stone to serve as tools for personal growth and change. They assist the wearer with issues such as prosperity and abundance, love, healing, meditation and spiritual growth.

Ozark Primitives are more primal pieces on leather cord. They feature materials from nature: bamboo, bells, rough stones, bone, shell, sea glass, driftwood, seeds, and nuts. These pieces can serve as talismans to help focus energy and intent.

To me, jewelry is not just a fashion accessory, but also a form of wearable art that uplifts, inspires and assists the person wearing it throughout their day. These designs are uniquely my own. I put much of myself into each piece of jewelry I make. These are pieces you will want to wear again and again and give as special gifts to friends and loved ones. My wish is that they bring you the same joy and inspiration I had in creating them.