About the Artist

I was born in Russellville Arkansas, December 5th, 1958, 7:38 a.m. CST. My Sun and Ascendant are both in Sagittarius, and my moon is in Libra. I am a graduate of Danville High School and Arkansas Tech University, where I had a double major in journalism and creative writing, and am a minister through the Universal Life Church.

From early on, I had a knowing about my path in this life. I decided at age seven that I would be a writer, and wrote my first short story and poems. For much of my life, my greatest connection to spirit has come through creative expression: painting, writing - poetry and fiction - photography, dance, music, songwriting, singing and all forms of art. Creativity was the doorway through which everything flowed into my life. Sometimes a poem or song would come to me all at once as if channeled. I became aware of a presence I connected with at those times. My muse, I called it. Sometimes I would write a story about "imaginary" characters and then the same story line would unfold in my life. There seemed to be something magical about it. This sense of something mystical sparked my interest in all things spiritual, psychic and metaphysical. In the late 80s, I began reading self-improvement books by the dozens and learning about the human potential movement. Most memorable were the books of Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Maxwell Maltz, Nathaniel Brandon, Stephen LaBerge, Lawrence LeShan, Patricia Garfield, Joseph Campbell, and Ira Progoff.

It was around this time that I began intensively journaling. By intensive I mean every day. I kept a regular journal and a dream journal. I believe daily journaling for 10 years was instrumental in helping me break through to a deeper connection with Source energy. In 1991, I studied self-hypnosis with a Russian painter and spiritual teacher named Gene Basin, and new doors of possibility began to open for me. I found the inner strength to leave a marriage that had come to an end and set out on my own. Shortly thereafter, in 1992, I became a vegetarian because I felt in my heart it was not right for me to eat animals. I began to understand certain things about myself. For instance, I began to recognize that I was a "sensitive" and that there were implications associated with that word I needed to learn more about. In the mid 90s, the word "sensitive" led me to a very important discovery. I found a book on the discard table at the library that changed my life. It was a tattered copy of Personal Power Through Awareness: A Guidebook for Sensitive People by Sanaya Roman. The "channeled" book introduced me to ideas and energies that over time would transform my life. For a number of years in my mid-twenties and late 30s, I worked as a newspaper reporter. During those years, I met and interviewed a number of people who walked through the door at the newspaper. Some of these encounters would introduce me to ideas that would eventually lead me into a very different future. I began studying self-hypnosis with Gene Basin after being sent to his house to do an interview. In the mid-90s, I interviewed a woman named Joya Pope who channeled a book titled The World According to Michael. She talked about channeling or connecting with the Michael energies as simply opening the chakras and inviting Michael's energy to enter her body. During my time as a reporter, I met and interviewed Harold McCoy, then president of the American Society of Dowsers, who'd had an inspiration to start a new organization called Ozark Research Institute that would study the role the mind plays in spontaneous remission and the miraculous healing of life-threatening diseases. He wanted to start a school and hold power of thought conventions. As a reporter, I covered the first convention in April 1994, and over the years, I have attended several others as a participant.

I also interviewed a local painter named Joe Alexander, who had just authored a book titled Blatant Raw Foodist Propaganda. It was a totally new idea to me at the time to eat only raw foods. In his book, Alexander said that converting to a raw food diet is a discipline that makes you more free -- free to be more creative, to work harder and think more clearly. My guidance system would bring the idea to me many more times over the next decade before I became willing to seriously consider adopting the lifestyle for myself.

As I neared my 40th birthday, some major changes were on the wind. I developed repetitive strain injury from typing and consequently, left journalism in 1997. Once more I began to turn my thoughts toward esoteric and psychic studies. I studied tarot, astrology, natural healing and channeling. I craved a deeper meaning in my life. The seeds of change planted in the late 80s and early and mid 90s, were coming into full flower. It would be a difficult passage and one that would change my life by quantum leaps and bounds. In 1998, I began to hear a sound I at first thought was crickets in the walls. Later I learned this was the "sound current." The Hindus believe the sound can carry us back to Source the way a drop of water flows through streams and rivers, finally finding its way back to the ocean of all that is. Around the time of the winter solstice 1999, I began to experience an energy that had always been in the background, but now was suddenly center stage in my life. It came to me in the form of channeled guidance. The initial breakthroughs came with journaling. I would think of questions while journaling in the morning, and during the day, insights would flow "off the page." The next day, I would record in my journal the information that had come since the last time I journaled. It was in this way that journaling became a tool for starting a dialogue with my inner self. The guidance I received during that time was to meditate and do yoga, to study feng shui and improve the flow of energy in my body and in my home. I began moving in a new direction that a year later brought me to yet another crossroads. The turning point came in December 2000, when I was iced in alone over the holidays, without electricity. I went through a "dark night of the soul," during which I surrendered to the higher purpose of my life and dedicated myself to following guidance even more closely than before.

In the months that followed I studied a course by Sanaya Roman and partner Duane Packer called Awakening Your Light Body. The light body course is about consciousness expansion, experiencing a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control emotions, staying centered, releasing old blocks and stuck emotional energy and responding with love and compassion. While I was taking the course, experiences, information, books, and people came into my life in perfect timing to assist me in working through whatever challenges I was having. Many old issues came up to be looked at and released. I went through months of releasing and detoxifying. I began to open to new possibilities beyond anything I had ever imagined. During this time, I attended Buddhist teachings, studied Hindu philosophy, went to channelings, took a forgiveness workshop, tarot classes, attended a Kryon channeling, and joined Ozark Research Institute. I also began studying reiki, a laying on of hands touch healing system. In August 2001, I flew to Ashland, Oregon, to attend a Continuity of Consciousness conference for light body course graduates. While at the conference, I experienced my first lightworker gathering. Bathed in the radiant energy, I experienced a world of possibility that existed beyond the limits of my imagination. On the way home from Oregon, I knew I wanted to make an even deeper commitment to my chosen path. I decided to leave my part-time job as a food analyst - the last thread binding me to denser energies - and work full time on creative projects that allowed me to use these energies for spiritual growth and assisting others on their path.

I returned home, quit my job, and prepared to embark on a new life. It was the week of 911. The day it happened, I gathered with a number of people at a small metaphysical shop and did intuitive readings most of that day. The readings without exception said "celebrate." I began to see there might be truth in this, that maybe the events of that day happened to create awareness of some ailment in our society the way disease generates awareness of its root causes, the faulty thought patterns and emotions creating it. Over the coming weeks gifted channels came forward with information that those who gave their lives to create this awareness for all of humanity had done so voluntarily at the soul level and would be able to take a large step forward in their own soul evolution as a result. Leaving my job now seemed a timely decision. I was free to work for the good of humanity at a time when it was much needed. I still wasn't quite sure what this work would entail.

It turned out I was entering a more intense round of healing and learning. I began to receive strong messages about the need for healing. In order to go further along the path I was on, I needed to heal myself at all levels -emotionally, physically and spiritually. In doing the light body work, I had begun to release the causes for emotional trauma and as a result, I felt a need to purge my body and detoxify. It came to me that even after the causes of trauma and toxicity are released, they have a half life that lives on in the cells of the body, creating energy blocks and disease until steps are taken to clear them. I began to explore different forms of bodywork, including deep tissue massage, shiatsu, acupressure, and chiropractic. As I took steps toward healing, I came into contact with information I had seen before about the health benefits of juicing fresh fruits and vegetables, and I moved in that direction as well. In the spring and summer of 2003, things began to change for me again. After the time of the full moon Festival of Wesak and the full lunar eclipse in May 2003, everything shifted. I began to channel information about what was described as the New Time. More and more, I withdrew into myself, feeling the need to understand what my life had been up to that point, and to open to a vision of what it would become. During this time, a strong voice within me said "First, write your life story."

As I wrote about those darker times in my early life, something happened. It was as if by dredging up each memory and bringing it to light, I was able to look at it from a different perspective. I was able to see these past experiences in the light of who I had become. Even the darkest moments held up to that bright light lost their power. I felt a greater sense of harmony and inner peace. Everything that happened had led me to where I was now. I had created all of it, light and dark, in order to learn. The end of July 2003, I discovered a brain synchronization technology called Holosync. Holosync is a binaural beat sound technology that creates the same patterns in the brain as deep meditation. The brain synchronization technology helps clear out old, dysfunctional programming by creating new neural pathways in the brain. Creating new neural pathways opens the door to positive and profound change, and that is exactly what began happening in my life at a rapid rate. As I moved more fully into the New Time, in mid-September 2003, I was drawn to attend a workshop at the Circle Of Light in Eureka Springs. The workshop introduced us to the teachings channeled through Yael Powell and contained in a series of books. The Messages from God through Yael focus on opening the heart and reconnecting with your inner SoulMate or TwinFlame and living in Christ Consciousness. During the workshop in September 2003, I felt my heart open and a sense of unity beyond anything I'd ever experienced. I will always be grateful to Circle of Light for that experience.

A week after the Circle of Light workshop, I drove a friend to Mount Ida to a raw food retreat where he would do a work exchange. The retreat is owned by Viktoras Kulvinskas, who is considered the founding father of the raw food movement in this country. During my time at the retreat, I spent time talking to Viktoras, watching him prepare meals, observing his sprouting techniques for buckwheat, sunflower and wheatgrass. He did iridology and palm readings for me, and advised me what I could do to improve my health and alleviate a problem with enzyme depletion in my digestive system. These recommendations included eating a raw food diet and taking digestive enzymes. I followed both recommendations and found the diet increased my energy, vitality and my spiritual connection.

As we moved into the Fall of 2003, I was amazed at how quickly my life was changing. In the space of two months, I'd started Holosync, experienced heart-opening love and unity with a spiritual family and completely changed my diet and lifestyle to become a raw foodist. It was an inspiring time that I later chronicled in December in a chapbook of poetry call Box of Heart-Shaped Rocks.

At the winter solstice that same month, I gathered with a small group of people at Viktoras' for solstice rituals that included writing down what we saw for our future - the things we wanted to create for the coming year. My list of "dreams to be manifest" included listening to the Divine flow and writing down what I hear, staying present, continuing on the raw food path, transmuting fears, writing visionary fiction and poetry, teaching, keeping an open heart and open mind, manifesting abundance in every way, studying to become a medical intuitive and doing intuitive readings to assist others on their path.

As 2004 began, I sensed a different energy moving in, much different from the previous two years. Doing a little research, I found I was in a Five year, which in numerology means a great deal of movement and change. This is exactly what has happened. As the year progressed, I found myself doing things I have been drawn to without acting on in previous years. In April 2001, I'd met a woman from Springfield, Missouri, named Linda Eastburn at an ORI conference. She was teaching a class about medical intuitive work. I was amazed by her personal story, that she didn't know what intuition was until she was in her forties. At that time, she took a course at the School of Metaphysics headquartered in Windyville, Missouri, and went on to develop the medical intuitive course she was now teaching.

I was very interested in both the medical intuitive course and the School of Metaphysics course she mentioned, and lamented that there wasn't something like SOM in Northwest Arkansas. In early 2004, I discovered that the School of Metaphysics had opened a satellite school in Fayetteville and I began taking classes there in March, signing up for a Mastery of Consciousness course that usually takes the better part of a year to complete. As part of the course, we practice skills daily to improve our concentration, attention, memory and in general our ability to still the mind. My focus and ability to concentrate greatly improved. A month into the course, I began working intensively with dreams. Though I'd kept a dream journal off and on since the late eighties, I found that using the Universal Language of Mind taught by the School of Metaphysics and their methods of dream interpretation, took me to a much deeper level of understanding my dreams. Since dreams are objective messages from the subconscious mind about your state of awareness, I began to gain a great deal of insight into myself. I began doing dream analysis interpretations for others. It was exciting to be able to help others connect with this amazing source of inner guidance to assist them in their lives.

At the end of April 2004, I received a reading from an intuitive visiting from California. The intuitive told me that I "had it," meaning what it took to be an intuitive and that I could develop that skill and do readings myself. I began to think about what she said. I realized that I'd had a deep longing for years to work with my intuition - to be able to receive answers and information, to make my own life better and to help others. In May, I signed up to take the medical intuitive course with Linda Eastburn. The end of June, I traveled to Springfield to take the course and received my certification. As I drove toward Springfield, I felt all the old doubts creeping in -- what if I couldn't do it? What if I just didn't have what it takes to be an intuitive reader? Fortunately, at the School of Metaphysics, I'd been learning to think of my life in terms of possibilities and learning experiences instead of creating in my mind fears of what I don't want. The moment of truth came at the beginning of the third day of the workshop when it was my turn to give a reading to one of my classmates. I wondered if I would be able to relax and go within with all eyes on me. I asked my guides for assistance, sat down, became still inside and began the session. After it was over, my classmate I'd been doing the reading for said I had seen several things about her existing health condition that she knew were true. That experience along with a number of others over the course of the weekend convinced me I should proceed with the intuitive work and continue to develop it. In the summer of 2004, I also completed Linda's hypnosis certification course and although, I haven't yet begun to work a great deal with hypnosis, I have used it on myself to make some amazing breakthroughs to overcome a fear of public speaking.

The possibilities for hypnosis are endless. Suggestive reprogramming is a great way to work through old blocks and limitations. This is a simple kind of hypnosis which involves becoming very relaxed, going into a light state of hypnosis and programming the subconscious mind with suggestions that help you overcome specific addictions or limitations in your life. These hypnotic sessions have to be followed up with actions, such as creating situations where you would normally experience a fear and allowing yourself to have a different, more positive experience via the suggestions previously planted in your subconscious mind with hypnosis. As part of the course, I've also studied investigative and regressive hypnosis and plan to begin some experiments with willing subjects soon. Investigative hypnosis can be used in situations where objects have been lost, or where you're trying to find out information, usually pertaining to the current life time. Past-life regressions can help a person view past-life circumstances that may be affecting the current life. Even if a person doesn't completely believe in past lives, this type of hypnosis can help a person view a current life situation more objectively by placing it in a different time period with unfamiliar people and surroundings.

There is no doubt my year with the School of Metaphysics greatly accelerated my growth and understanding. Through the lessons and dream work, I became aware of old habits and patterns operating in the background of my consciousness; of my issues with authority, which extended into a disempowering separation from my own inner authority. As I became fluent in the Universal Language of Mind, I began to interpret the happenings in my waking life in terms of universal symbols. Immersed in this continuous influx of insights into my own being, I began to be able to create my life from a more conscious perspective, standing back in an objective way, receiving the information from my dreams and waking reality, and making changes and adjustments from a bird's eye view rather than a "can't see the forest for the trees" approach.  As my understandings deepened, I began to be more excited about the idea of sharing these insights about the inner workings of life with others through writing and teaching and intuitive readings.

By the time I completed the School of Metaphysics Mastery of Consciousness course in December 2004, I was having lucid and precognitive dreams on a more frequent basis.  Early in January 2005, I gave my first talk on dreams to the local chapter of the Society of Dowsers, and from that flowed a number of other invitations for talks. I'm now keeping a schedule on this web site of planned classes and workshops as well as a schedule of where and when I will be doing intuitive readings. (Readings can be scheduled by appointment as well).

Early in 2005, I spent time at the School of Metaphysics as an advanced series student, and I'm now working on my own, continuing my studies with the Self-Realization Fellowship lessons developed by Paramahansa Yogananda. Since the lessons taught by the School of Metaphysics are based on SRF lessons, it is very much a continuation of the same emphasis on dreams, concentration, meditation, memory, visualization, and energization exercises as a way to achieve self-realization.

Synchronistically, as I was leaving the School of Metaphysics, I met Tamara Vanderhoof, who had just opened a new wholeistic center in Fayetteville called the Turning Point. Tamara's vision for the center is to create a space that offers tools, techniques and practices to promote well-being on all levels. Her intention for the center was to draw practitioners who view what they offer as a calling, not a job, as she drew people from far and wide who fit this description. I began offering readings and classes there.

The summer of 2005 I began intensively studying the vibrational benefits of wearing intentional jewelry that assists the wearer with the synchronistic vibration of stones and other materials, therapeutic colors and intention. I unveiled my new line of jewelry at a spirit fair in Fayetteville and received great response. The intentional jewelry pieces will soon be offered on my website and my Ebay store. (A link to my store is found on this website). Creating intentional jewelry was the fulfillment of another vision that  came to me initially a few weeks after 911. I combine my intuitive readings with jewelry by reading a client's energy and determining what stones and materials would best assist them in making the changes they desire.

I'm finding my ability to go deeper into subconscious mind and reading energy is growing with each reading I give. It is a wonderful time of trusting and exploring my own connection with spirit, and allowing it to manifest in my life in many beautiful ways.

I am now doing intuitive readings on a regular basis for clients locally and around the world. I'm teaching classes on dreams, channeling and manifesting and beginning a new phase of writing poetry, fiction and nonfiction. I'm turning my attention once more to studying Joseph Campbell's Hero with a Thousand Faces and the many other books that have been derived from his research using mythology and the hero's journey as the basis for exploring a new kind of fiction called visionary fiction in which expansion of the human mind drives the plot. I find this goes hand in hand with Caroline Myss' archetype studies into the collective unconscious as a way of understanding the psyche of the individual and how this plays into the creation of health or disease in the physical body.

In recent weeks I have received guidance to write down some of the information that comes to me during channeling sessions and put it into manuscript form. I am also studying astrology and numerology and will soon be offering these types of readings. Both astrology and numerology can provide insights into our deepest desires for this lifetime.

I continue studying intuition, journaling and manifesting. I believe learning to work with intuition and dreams are two important keys to opening doors to the inner self; that journaling as a way of dialoging with the inner self is of incredible value; and that understanding and working with Universal Laws pave the way for manifestations beyond the outer limits of anything that has been imagined. In general, it is all about opening to new ways of expressing and sharing my discoveries in this ever expanding journey called life. Stay tuned!


I invite you to check out my poetry site, my mobile and jewelry pages, my photography pages, my raw food and medical intuitive pages, and the Live Journal pages where I post entries from my daily journals - insights, channelings, poetry, inspiration - whatever comes. I also invite you to email me with a request for an intuitive reading. This can be done from the Intuitive Readings page on this website. Donations are always welcome but at this time I am happy to offer the readings free of charge as a love offering. Please check out my Schedule of classes and readings. I would love to see you there. If you fill out the subscription form, I will email you a notice whenever I update this site. In coming months, I will share with you things that are presently on the drawing board, or out hovering in the ethers, waiting to wash onto the shore of oncoming days. I'm happy to share these moments from my journey - my experiences on the path of deeper listening as I learn to follow guidance and do whatever foot work is necessary to create the visions that come to me. The path out ahead seems more than ever about following my bliss, learning to believe in myself and my visions, to live daily in the light and share that radiance with others in this ever changing journey. These days unfolding now are very important in the future of humanity on this Earth. Feel free to email me and give me your feedback or ask questions you may have about me, this site, or the information contained here. I learn from your input. I'm grateful if what I offer here helps and assists you in some way. It is my hope this will become an interactive site where we all learn from each other and share ideas and inspiration that add to the common good of us all in our journey of love and awakening on planet Earth.

Love and Blessings,